Arm & Hammer Freshener

Design Overview

Arm and Hammer's new product, the Freshener, is designed to solve odor problems in every corner of a first-time host's apartment. Their baking soda, well-known for its versatility, particularly as an odor eliminator, has the potential to transition into a new invention that caters to the younger generation's demands. The Freshener, a visually neutral, wet space compatible, and powerful odor eliminator that comes with a clear expiration date, is introduced to meet the needs of the First Time Host, who seeks authenticity and wants to signal their adulthood by inviting guests to their living space.

My Role

UX Designer, Visual Desinger, AR Developer


Blender, Rhino, Spark AR, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere

Final Guests

Julie Guggemos (Global Chief Design Officer / Target)
John Hoke III (Chief Design Officer / Nike)
Elisa Chan (Global Head of UX Research & Beta / Amazon Music)
Kevin Allen (Founder & CEO / E.I. Games)
Uma R. Karmarkar (Assistant Prof. / School of Global Strategy and Policy UCSD Rady School of Management)

When you don't smell it...
What if others can?

Problem Statement

With the reality of humans becoming desensitized to scents over time, it is difficult to notice when a space smells bad. This problem can lead to awkward social situations when guests notice odors that the homeowner is oblivious to.

Don't Worry!
We have our old friend TRUSTED to serve with the highest standards of QUALITY to elevate and FRESHEN people’s lives through the simplest forms
The Orange Hero -
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Current Solution

Arm and Hammer baking soda, which is marketed as an odor-removing superhero. the current design promote the use of this product to ensure spaces smell fresh and clean without relying on sprays or cover-ups.

What's not right then?
Pain Point

Even though the orange box exists in so many homes, it may not exactly exist in every place within the home. While we might have one in our fridge or cupboards, you might be harder pressed to find one on the bathroom counter or as a centerpiece in your living room.

Throughout the First Time Host’s journey, they can really run into some severe smell-related problems. Like we said earlier, this First Time Host constantly questions, does my car smell like my dog. I don’t smell anything, but what if my friends do?

They might have a plug-in freshener or some sort of spray, but with olfactory fatigue, they ask themselves: is this thing even still working? When do I need to change it out for a new one?

And if they light a candle or add some overpowering scent to their space, it can be egregious, and guests might think they’re hiding something. The First Time Host wants to feel clean, be clean, and to do that they have to smell clean in all of their spaces.

Unlock new consumer segment

First Time Host

The First Time Host is a millennial or GenZ consumer who wants to live a sustainable lifestyle but finds it overwhelming. They use social media for inspiration but feel that the picture-perfect lifestyle they see is unattainable. They seek to signal their adulthood by hosting friends and family and want to live authentically. However, they face olfactory fatigue-related problems in their living spaces, including their car.

- Introducing -
Design Solutions
Design Showcase

Design Solution

The Arm and Hammer freshener, which comes in a medallion form with color-changing technology to signal when it's time to replace it. The design maximizes baking soda's odor removal potential, making it discreet yet effective. The product is suitable for all spaces and can be visualized in your home through a virtual trial function. The freshener is made up of granular baking soda and flo-thru filter paper, and the outer packaging is a paperboard tube with a plastic viewing window and a peelable opening.

Peel, Attach & Refresh

Colour Changing Technique

Increasing Purchasing Frequency

Use Case

Living Room



Gym Bag

Try It In Your Own Spaces With This AR Filter Developed By Me!

New Brand Assets

Brand Assets Deconstruction

The Arm & Hammer brand assets have been updated for inclusivity and to embrace brand heritage. The fresheners are packaged in visually-pleasant aesthetics with the iconic orange color to stand out on shelves. The product concept is "Loud on the shelf, quiet at home." Each freshener neutralizes 120 cubic feet with only 20 grams of baking soda. Trial packs and full-size packs are available, with potential distribution channels in grocery, home, and bath stores.

Trial Pack For First-Time User

Marketing Strategy
Competitive Analysis

Competitive Landscape

With the orange gradient, the brand assets have a lot of equity and stand out in the odor absorption sector dominated by the color blue. The warmer colors of the canister tap into familiarity and trust, providing an opportunity for differentiation. The design is showcased on Amazon, including the outer packaging and the individual medallion.

Marketing Strategy
Business Case

Market Observation

The global ordor control system market has a potential growth of over 2.5 billion dollars in the next six years and provides a built-in mechanism for customers to build a strong habit of purchase frequency. The freshener capsule offers the same year's worth of freshness as other brands but can be used in more spaces. It is cost-effective, and the brand architecture has a consolidation strategy that differentiates it from competitors.



In this project, we learned the importance of understanding the target consumer's needs and desires. By identifying the First Time Host as our primary target, we were able to create a freshener product that addresses their specific concerns around odor elimination, expiration dates, and aesthetic compatibility.

We also learned the importance of considering the competition and the market potential for our product. Through a cost analysis and comparison to other brands, we were able to position our product as a competitive and affordable option in the odor removal category.

Overall, this project demonstrates the importance of thoughtful design and strategic branding in creating a successful product that meets both functional and emotional needs.

Next Step

Next steps for this project could include user testing and further research to ensure that our product meets the needs and expectations of our target consumer. We could also explore opportunities for expanding our product line or exploring additional markets for our freshener.

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